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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • What is the furnished suite rental strategy 
  • How to keep cashflow coming in, even in a downturn. 
  • The where, what, when and how of the furnished suite strategy.  



Aaron Bellmore is a real estate entrepreneur who escaped the Rat Race at an early age thanks to real estate investing in a unique way.

After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Aaron went the traditional route of doing long-term buy and hold of single family homes.  Then, accidentally Aaron stumbled upon the furnished rental strategy, and he’s never looked back.  

In this episode, learn how Aaron was able to make it big using the furnished rental property strategy. Also, be inspired and learn how the real estate industry paved the opportunity for Aaron’s financial freedom, enabling him to retire from being a pipefitter and becoming a full-time real estate entreprener. 

Topics Covered:  

01:30 – A backstory of his career before real estate 

02:48 – What led him to real estate investing 

04:40 – The realization that real estate would finally make him quit his job 

07:10 – Talking about that first furnished rental property investment and the huge revenue from it 

12:13 – Benefits of having furnished rental versus unfurnished rental 

14:22 – His typical client profile for furnished rental 

Key Takeaways: 

Those three properties would have given me roughly a $60,000 a year income. And so I felt like I had my retirement, my financial freedom was covered, I was mid-twenties at the time, so that would have been around freedom 50 kind of an idea. But I just thought this is so simple, I just got to stay the course and I’ll get there sooner than the old 65.” – Aaron Bellmore 

“It’s a seasonal thing, with our furnished rental, we usually have that turnover every spring, but by treating people good on the way out, knowing that they’re just seasonal and not I’m trying to stick them further deposit and take advantage of them or anything like that. We have a lot,10 years now of repeat business, coming back, every time they’re around the area.” – Aaron Bellmore 

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