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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out marketing strategies that work best for Aaron in finding motivated sellers 
  • Learn about Aaron’s preferred real estate strategies 
  • Secrets on how Aaron find the HOTTEST deals 



Aaron Moore is a multi-award-winning real estate investor. He is best known for having one of the most established house buying businesses in Ontario. Using a mix of wholesaling, fix & flips and long term holds Aaron has built a successful full-time real estate business.

In this episode, Aaron shares with us some of his many creative ways of finding motivated property sellers. Owing to the fact that having middlemen sometimes messes things up, Aaron finds his HOTTEST deals by himself and not through realtors. 

Topics Covered: 

01:39 – His journey into the real estate world 

02:29 – How he transitioned from software stuff to full-time real estate 

03:26 – What strategies does he focus on these days 

04:20 – Why you need to find good deals yourself and not rely on realtors all the time 

07:32 – Marketing strategies that work best at finding motivated sellers 

13:51 – Of bandit signs and of vehicle signage 

15:27 – Why it’s best to work directly with the sellers 

16:45 –  How does he finance most of his deals 

Key Takeaways: 

“We use the BURR strategy, we buy, renovate, we rent, we refinance. It’s a way of bootstrapping your rentals. You’re not sinking that much money into each rental you buy. It takes time. But it’s certainly a good way to grow your portfolio over time.” – Aaron Moore  

“I still have some of those outdoor signs and I like to call them outdoor science. I’ve done well with them over the years as my brand has gotten bigger.” – Aaron Moore

“If you’re going to be working directly with the seller you can tailor your solution, you can solve the problem, you can find out the problem. If there are middlemen then it’s really hard to find out the problems.” – Aaron Moore 

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