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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • What a Vendor Take-Back Mortgage is all about and how to create one 
  • The idea behind vendor take-back financing and the benefits sellers can get from it 
  • Tips about the ins and outs of vendor take-backs



Adam Martin is Vice President of Sales for Control Your Property, real estate investor, and life-long entrepreneur. While obtaining his Honors degree in International Business Management, Adam was afforded the opportunity to travel Canada doing sales in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. He has been to over 17 countries, giving him the unique world view needed to perform in sales and bring value to his customers. Adam has also co-authored several courses and articles on real estate investing, and began investing at the age of 24 with one of the most creative deals in the business. 

In this episode, Adam will show us the first steps to creating Vendor Take-Back Mortgages for your real estate deals, so if you want to learn more about a great strategy to get you started if you don’t have much capital, listen to this short and sweet interview.  Check it out today 🙂

Topics Covered:

01:12 – How early on in life did he start investing in real estate and what got him into that

02:17 – The first steps anyone should do when diving into real estate

05:54 – What is vendor take-back financing

07:51 – How is vendor take-back financing presented to the seller and what are the benefits to them

13:10 – What are the important things to consider when talking about vendor take-backs?

15:06 – Where to find sellers that have free and clear ownership of their properties

Key Takeaways:

“This is absolutely the step that catapulted me forward in my real estate investment. One of the first things I did was I went surrounded myself with real estate investors. I went on a limo tour where we tour private off-market deals. I went on to one of those with absolutely no resources, no means to buy anything. But I went there for networking, to meet some great people. I ended up meeting my mentor there.” – Adam Martin

“Vendor takeback mortgage really does act and behave just like the bank would. There’s just often a lot of pros that you won’t find at the bank. For example, he wasn’t worried about my creditworthiness. He wasn’t worried about, my income or my ability to prove my income. And he wasn’t worried about my utilization on credit in any of those factors that would certainly come into play if we were talking to an institutional financer.” – Adam Martin

“So a big advantage, if anybody’s ever looked at an amortization schedule, you probably realize that at the beginning of the loan, the vast majority of your pay or a good chunk of your payment is going towards interest. And a smaller portion is going towards the principal. So as a seller, he’s benefiting from that. So he’s actually probably making much better than 3% on the money if you look at that timeframe. Cause that’s the trick to the whole amortization thing.” – Adam Martin

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