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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • What is multifamily investing, and how it works
  • Discover how Agostino started with syndication and learn how he partnered with other people to grow his portfolio
  • Know the three most important pieces of advice he gives to people who are getting started with raising their first capital



Agostino Pintus is a multifamily investor, syndicator, and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in real estate. He currently oversees strategic partnerships, capital development, and platform development for Realty Dynamics Equity Partners, an investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisition and asset management services.

Tune in to this episode and get to know this man who’s passionate as an entrepreneur and in helping others to be successful in real estate investing as well. Agostino will share why he focuses on multifamily investing and how syndication worked for him.

Learn from him as he shares his top tips for finding potential investor partners who are starting to venture into real estate and how to position what you are doing as the ideal solution for busy professionals who don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of this industry and do it themselves.

Topics Covered:

00:59 – Agostino tells what motivated him to move from Ontario, Canada to Ohio, USA and decided to shift from corporate to real estate investing
02:02 – How he discovered syndicating deals which became his primary focus
02:41 – How syndication works and the risk it entails
05:34 – Agostino narrates how he started with syndication and how he partnered with other people to grow his portfolio
09:33 – Tips for people starting in real estate and raising their first capital
12:24 – How he got the attention of wealthy clients like doctors or lawyers who don’t have the time to learn to do real estate investing
17:19 – Where to find out more about Agostino

Key Takeaways:

“There’s some internal resistance on our minds. It’s fear. And the reason why we’re afraid is because we don’t have the data. We don’t have the information. We don’t know what to say and how to say it.” – Agostino Pintus

“For many people who are just starting out, first learn the lingo. Learn the language of the business. Second is build the team that goes along with it because you’re not going to do all this yourself.” – Agostino Pintus

“Learn how to sell. Because this is a sales business. And you have to get in front of people to tell them about the benefits. Tell them what it means to them.” – Agostino Pintus

“It’s not about you. No one cares about your needs. It’s about them. How can you help me? That’s what people want to know. If you go and say, I need this, and I need that. No one cares, right? No one cares about what you need.” – Agostino Pintus

“How do you protect that cash? That’s their problem. You have the solution. Your solution is to invest it into a cash-flowing asset real estate and get all the tax benefits that go along with it.” – Agostino Pintus

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