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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Discover how Alfonso built his real estate empire from scratch 
  • What makes Alfonso and his business tick 
  • Marketing strategies Alfonso applied in getting connected to his audience and to more investors



Alfonso Cuadra is a Real Estate Investor with 21 plus years’ experience with a multi-million-dollar portfolio.  He is also the President/CEO of The Cuadra Group of Companies, Founder of The Cuadra Youth Foundation, and he has shared his story with thousands of audiences around the world.

Join us and find out how Alfonso went from being a school drop-out and teenage father, an awkward English-speaking Latin American guy, to somebody who has created wealth and success in both business and real estate investing – from the bottom up. 

Topics Covered:

02:11 – His rags to riches story 

05:54 – What was his first income property that started it all 

07:56 – How and why he got involved with Keyspire 

09:01 – How could he have gotten faster to success, looking in hindsight now 

11:13 – How to get out of your comfort zone and take risks 

14:28 – What is the biggest obstacle for people not to make it big in real estate 

16:07 – How to convince day-job people to become real estate entrepreneurs 

19:54 – Thinking beyond yourself 

Key Takeaways:

“Definitely what happens is we make decisions based on where we are. And you need to determine exactly where you’re going. Start with the end in mind and establish what does that looks like for you and operate as if you already have that today.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“The goal for a lot of people is to be comfortable. That’s your biggest mistake right there. Because you can’t grow if you don’t take risks. And if you can’t grow, you’re not going to be fulfilled.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“Your biggest obstacle will always be you. Plain and simple.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“Our parents told us, don’t rent, buy, because you’re making the landlord rich. The message should have been, don’t rent, become the landlord.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“The biggest mistake that people make that I see from my perspective is they don’t promote enough. You can have the best business in the world, the best property, but if people don’t know that you’re doing it, it’s useless. People do business with people they know.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“Find a niche and become an expert at that niche Get out there and start talking, start sharing, start teaching, start giving. As a result, you will attract people into your business.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“You can only go so far with your own money, with your own time, with your own credit. You do need other people’s money, other people’s credit, other people’s time. And the only way to get that quickly is to start becoming an expert now.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

“I did have a problem speaking in English in public. The message is what matters and how people feel about your message and what they can do about what you’re saying. And so once I got out of my own head, I was able to communicate, engage with people and actually be of service to them.” – Alfonso Cuadra 

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