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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn about the biggest benefits of rehabbing and wholesaling real estate 
  • Find out what it is about wholesaling that appeals to most people as an investment strategy 
  • Discover low-cost ways of finding deals


Beka Shea is a former Navy Mechanical Engineer Officer. She started real estate rehabbing full time in 2013 after which she laid the foundation to grow her real estate investments by Scaling. She’s rehabbed 60 houses, wholesaled 120 deals, and has 12 rentals. She now works full time with the company 7-Figure Flipping, guiding accountability groups and member success.  

In this episode, Beka shares what her transition was like from Navy Officer to Real Estate Investor, how she dabbled in rehabbing and wholesaling real estate, and finally what made her decide to devote herself full time to rehabbing real estate. What was it in rehabbing real estate that got her so focused on it? 

Topics Covered: 

01:25 – Beka defines what is rehabbing and wholesaling 

02:18 – The biggest benefit to rehabbing properties 

03:39 – How was the transition from being a Navy officer to real estate 

04:57 – What is wholesaling and what are the benefits of getting into it 

05:58 – What appeals to most people about wholesaling 

07:26 – How was it like juggling between rehabbing and wholesaling properties 

08:20 – Talking about working full-time rehabbing 

10:00 – Low-cost deals for finding deals 

12:38 – How she put up capital for her rehab deals  

14:11 – How does she secure her investors’ money 

15:11 – Typical price point for her property deals  

16:37 – What is Seven-Figure Flipping Mastermind 

Key Takeaways: 

“After doing a whole bunch of investing, I would say to your audience that I have noticed there’s a tendency of what type of people do better in which arena.” – Beka Shea 

“Rehabbers tend to have this project management bent. You see a lot of former accountants, engineers, contractors who do really well in the rehabbing space and I think it’s because they like breaking things down into the process.”  – Beka Shea 

“Managing the process, wholesalers as people assign deals. They tend to love the art of the deal.” – Beka Shea  

“I personally love the rehabbing side of things, taking something that other people would view as just broken down and worthless and being able to see the potential in it and then unlock that.” – Beka Shea 

So, wholesaling to me is a sales marketing company. I think a lot of people get into marketing, they often talk about them, like, you know, me, me, me, I buy houses, I fix houses, the sellers don’t care. They want to know how are you going to make their lives better. So, it starts with the marketing piece.” – Beka Shea 

“What is it with wholesaling that people like it so much as an investment strategy? It’s fast. And if you’re good at making deals and you recognize your value, I mean, there is a lot of money to be made.” – Beka Shea 

“When I wanted to start scaling my business, I joined a mastermind, which is a really cool way to get around people doing more to get out of just your local market and be exposed to people doing stuff on a greater scale.” – Beka Shea 

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