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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn the basics of how to put together a great Rent to Own investment property from the Creative Investor himself Cam Rowland
  • Cam’s ‘secret sauce’ on how to close deals using your elevator pitch
  • Learn how to get increased cash flow  through Cam’s rent-to-own strategy (enough to quit your day job if you want) 


Cam Rowland is a business owner and real estate investor from Winnipeg, Canada. He started investing in real estate in 2006 after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, replaced his salaried income (from his real estate holdings) and quit his day job in 2010. 

He is well versed in several real estate strategies and focused mainly on the Lease Options strategy for the past 9 years. In 5 years Cam grew his portfolio to over 40 doors with only $100 per door down and didn’t have to qualify for any mortgages by partnering with investors for unlimited potential for acquiring doors, increased cash flow, and outstanding returns.

In this episode, he talks about how he helps real estate investors multiply their cash flow and portfolio by attracting other investors capital and no money down deals through the rent-to-own strategy. You will also learn how he mastered his elevator pitch that get potential buyers interested in his deal without having to ask them if they are interested.

Topics Covered:

01:15Cam’s story on how he got started in real estate

02:13What he does before venturing in real estate

03:15How getting an education and a mentor got him full throttle in his entrepreneurship

06:00What would have he done early on in his business had he known what he’s known today

09:21Why he got into the rent-to-own real estate strategy

11:51How to screen people as tenant-buyers

13:48What problems does his coaching and training solve

15:10Key points to consider to overcome roadblocks to get a go at real estate

16:18Example of an elevator pitch to attract prospective buyers

Key Takeaways:

“The whole point of the elevator pitch is to throw out some seeds of information that the person you’re talking to goes, ‘Well, I’d be interested!’ So you can do that without even asking them if they’re interested.” Cam Rowland

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