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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Things you need to learn to succeed in real estate
  • Investing Insights and ideas about the difference between flipping and rentals
  • Learn why students and teachers are considered as good target markets in real estate investing according to Chad



Chad Carson is a real estate entrepreneur, writer, and teacher. He and his wife used rental income to retire early and live abroad with their two children in Ecuador for 17 months in 2017-2018. Chad is also the author of the best-selling book Retire Early with Real Estate.

Today on the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Chad shares how real estate allowed him to retire early and achieve his ideal lifestyle that he and his family are enjoying. Learn how his father played a significant role when he was starting and how his journey transcended from flipping to buying rental properties. Discover his proven strategies, backed by his authentic mindset and life philosophy, that will make you think and double check to see if how you are building your real estate business aligns with your goals in life.

Topics Covered:

01:26 – How he shifted to real estate investing from graduating in Biology

02:23 – Chad shares how his father mentored him and how his books helped him about bird-dogging

03:31 – The kind of real estate he focused on

03:36 – How he and his business partner operated their first few years in real estate investing

05:24 – Transition from flipping to buying rental properties

06:29 – Chad’s current primary focus on rental properties

09:32 – Why he prefers to rent his properties to students rather than typical tenants

10:44 – His secret weapon aside from his experience

12:17 – Chad shares his mindset and philosophy around real estate investing

14:13 – Mistakes that people make when starting in real estate

15:40 – How to connect and get to know Chad more

Key Takeaways:

“Build your business around that goal that you have for your life, and then do what matters. Make your business work. Don’t make the other way around where the business controls everything you do with your life.” – Chad Carson

“I think the consistent thread for me is just authentic with your sellers, and with your private lenders. Have the humility to say, “I don’t know everything.” Take that attitude of “I don’t have it all figured out; here’s what I do know.” I think people see that as being real, as opposed to always saying, “I’m the best.” – Chad Carson

“Fake it before you make it. That’s the lesson you’re taught as an investor.”– Chad Carson

“It’s interesting because every time you leave or every time you change or every time that market changes, you have to act like a beginner again. And I think as long as all of us, no matter how much experience we have are willing to reevaluate what worked before because it might not work next year. And that’s a pretty good approach to business in general.”– Chad Carson

“I think the biggest mistake is just window shopping. Find some strategy. You’re listening to a podcast. You’re reading a book. Take that piece of information. If I do something this month, I go out, and apply it.” – Chad Carson

“Don’t worry about being perfect. Don’t worry about being the best right now. Just be a beginner. Make some mistakes. Don’t make the biggest mistakes. Don’t go here and do something that’s going to make you bankrupt, but make some mistakes.” – Chad Carson

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