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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out the cash-flowing investment strategy that will help you get started in real estate and gives you the profit you can imagine even on your first venture 
  • Learn the mindset to embody when getting into real estate to get the best route to becoming wealthy 
  • Find out the belief system you need to absorb to thrive and succeed in real estate 



Cora Cristobal is a real estate professional, real estate investor, real estate mentor, best-selling author, speaker, and Founder of Toronto Women’s Club.  

In this episode, Cora shares the cash-flowing properties she invests in and how she was very profitable the first time she ventured into real estate. She also talks about her goals of getting more women into real estate and more importantly, the mindset you need to have, and the key things you need to do to ensure your way to becoming wealthy. 

Topics Covered: 

01:41 – Focusing on cash-flowing properties 

02:26 – Her bread and butter being single-family homes 

03:49 – The goal of having more women in real estate and the barrier facing women to be in it 

04:45 – A backstory on how she got started in real estate 

06:07 – How her first venture turned out to be very profitable 

06:58 – How she did well in real estate back in the Philippines 

08:17 – The story that prompted her family to move to Canada 

10:39 – How she got started in real estate in Canada 

12:00 – How does real estate in the Philippines differ from Canada 

13:11 – The first cash-flowing property she bought in Canada 

14:07 – Pre-construction as her focus now in both Canada and the US 

14:59 – Why mindset is essential in getting into real estate 

16:24 – The message she sends across women who are not into real estate 

Key Takeaways: 

“My bread-and-butter kind of deals should be cash flowing. I don’t focus much on appreciation, although it’s a big factor when I decide where to buy and what to buy. But if I have to get the property, they must be cash flowing for me.” – Cora Cristobal  

“Everything starts from the mindset. Who are you hanging out with, it’s very important.  And I hung out with my husband and people who believe in real estate. For a regular person who does not have that exposure, it’s very hard to switch their mentality. And I got a mentor in real estate to be really a millionaire.” – Cora Cristobal 

“My message is for people to keep growing themselves, to keep investing in yourself, and be careful with the people who you hang around with.” – Cora Cristobal 

“Education will come not only from reading books or going to seminars but also from the people that you normally associate yourself with. Because if people will tell you, you’re crazy, real estate is very dangerous, then that’s what you get. But the people who will encourage you to say, go in real estate, that’s the best route to becoming wealthy.”  – Cora Cristobal 

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