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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • How they got started from day one when they didn’t have any of their own money to invest in real estate 
  • What important tips to remember when looking for JV partners 
  • Powerful ideas on how to thrive in real estate when working with your spouse



Corey and Tiffany Young are a real estate power couple who started from zero and leveraged Joint Ventures to now be able to live the lifestyle they have always wanted.

After acquiring 100 doors, they now get to share their knowledge and experience with others to empower real estate investors to take the next steps in confidence, without sacrificing what’s really important; love, life, family, and health. Listen in as Corey and Tiffany share important strategies to thrive in real estate. Find out how they, as a married couple and as partners, successfully blend a work-life balance.
Enjoy their wisdom on what strategies have worked best for them, and more importantly which mistakes to avoid on your real estate investing journey. 

Topics Covered: 

01:53 – Corey’s and Tiffany’s back story 

03:48 – What do their property portfolio consist of 

05:29 – How did they get into a joint venture 

07:40 – What is “fire hosing people”

11:24 – What makes for long-term success in real estate especially for married couple partners 

15:04 – What does work-life balance and communication look like for them 

19:18 – Important tips to keep you on your track to success in real estate 

Key Takeaways:

“One big mistake newbies in JV do, a big one that we see is that we call it fire hosing people. You go on verbal diarrhea all over people when you want to talk to them about real estate. Don’t give them many things. You have to plant the seeds, but if you then take a fire hose and wash those seeds away, what good was it? You gotta gently allow people to immerse into the real estate world and their mindset into it, just don’t fire hose it.” – Tiffany Young 

“There are challenges, working together as a married couple. Living together, we’ve had to make a separation between work and regular life. The one thing that I would touch on is that we’ve always had our own departments. And what I mean by that is, it was my job to find the properties and analyze, Tiffany did the property management side of things. I didn’t tell her how to manage properties. She didn’t tell me how I should analyze them. I think that’s really helped when we weren’t stepping on each other’s toes all the time.” – Corey Young 

“One thing that we found, just to tie this all together is the more we are together, the better we actually get along. And so the fact that we work together regularly is actually a good thing. It’s when Tif’s away or I’m away and we’re not together is when we start to not communicate as well. And so being together actually is a big plus for us.” – Corey Young 

“The way that we found our partners was doing networking, meeting other people, starting conversations. And it comes down to sometimes just throwing those talks out there and sometimes just actually having, knowing what it is that you do and what you can bring to the table.” – Corey Young 

“The number one thing is, if somebody wants to learn, if somebody wants to doreal estate you can save yourself thousands of dollars of mistakes by learning from somebody that has done it. By educating yourself, learn, learn, learn. There are so many resources out there that are free.” – Corey Young  

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