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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • See why Daray felt unfulfilled despite being in a high paying, successful career
  • Discover what the motivated seller strategy is and how it can work for you
  • Learn the survey questions that Daray uses to help other people formulate their own winning strategies



Daray Olaleye is the founder of the Before the Millions educational and coaching company – spanning its reach to over 100+ countries worldwide. This platform’s mission is to help everyday professionals become savvy investors and create a lifestyle business.

Today on the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Daray reminisces about how his love for playing monopoly plus the influence of one book led him on his journey in real estate investing. Even having a rewarding career in a high status field, Daray felt no real fulfillment from it.

Learn how one book changed his life and following it’s guidance allowed Daray to create the lifestyle and financial freedom that he truly desired.

Topics Covered:

02:10 – Daray recalls how playing monopoly as a kid became his first foray in real estate

04:09 – He looks back on his college days when he studied accountancy as his chosen career

05:29 – The pros and cons of having a corporate job

10:22 – How a book made him buy his first investment property 30 days after reading it

11:48 – Explaining how his created strategy, coined as motivated seller strategy, works and differs from others

16:11 – Daray details the process he uses to walk people through in his motivated seller strategy

17:18 – Survey questions needed to check the client’s focus and commitment level to know the exact strategy to use

19:33 – Where to connect with Daray

Key Takeaways:

“There’s actually literally no fulfillment in the work that I’m doing. I don’t see the bigger picture. I don’t see what’s happening with these papers once they get them. I don’t see how these financial statements mean anything to the people that run these companies. I don’t see anything. I know that I have to add these numbers up. So, there was no fulfillment. I’m working for the bank, and I’m working for the government at the end of the year. I have zero, and I have nothing. I said, there’s no way I will do this for the rest of my life.” – Daray Olaleye

“If you truly connect with one of these people and you have the tools in your tool belt to get a deal done, you’re no longer going in with the mindset, Hey, I’m a wholesaler. You’re going in with the mindset, Hey, how can I help?” – Daray Olaleye

“Everything in real estate makes money. Whether you are a fixer and flipper, you’re a wholesaler, you’re a rental property owner, you’re a syndicator, you’re, you’re a land investor, you’re mobile home parks. All of these strategies make money.” – Daray Olaleye

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