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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out how to grow your portfolio even with no money of your own and no joint venture partners 
  • Learn how to scale up your real estate in a short amount of time 
  • Find out about the analogy of the iceberg and how to get massive growth in real estate 



Dylan Suitor has been a real estate agent for 4 years and an investor for 12. He reached massive growth in the past 24 months adding nearly 250 doors to his portfolio without any of his own money nor joint venture partners. 

In this episode, Dylan talks about his strategies in growing his portfolio without using any of his own money nor having to raise capital from joint venture partners. 

Topics Covered: 

01:08 – What number of doors does he have in his portfolio in the last two years 

01:57 – How he scaled up so fast in his real estate business 

03:06 – Is he a realtor first or a real estate investor first 

04:06 – How he built up his portfolio without money of his own and joint venture partners to depend on 

07:07 – Typical price point for the type of properties he is buying 

10:30 – Talking about private money lenders, first mortgage rate, blended  mortgage rate 

11:48 – Turnaround time for his properties 

14:32 – Is he running his own construction firm or still subcontracting 

15:50 – What’s his biggest goal this year 

Key Takeaways: 

“I went on my own and committed to education for about three years before I started really going big on real estate investing and learned a ton and connected with the right people. And here we are a couple of years later and a few hundred doors later.” – Dylan Suitor 

“When you see that short period of time and that large scaling, I just get tired of learning, instead, it’s time to apply. And I found the people I wanted to be in business with and I got to attribute a lot of my success to one of my biggest business partner Robbie, and just really taking something that he had been developing for a few years prior and just blowing it up.” – Dylan Suitor 

“The piece that has made us, that allowed us to scale as quickly is making sure that instead of having a money partner that maybe their goal is, 10 million in holdings or 5 million holdings or three properties and then having to find more and more money partners go down the same learning and growth piece, I find one person that I get to grow with through the whole process. And that’s really allowed us to continue to grow at such a large pace.” – Dylan Suitor 

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