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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Find out how the Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent strategy can help you get an 8-figure real estate portfolio
  • Learn the three distinct phases while investing in real estate 
  • Discover why hanging out with like-minded people and taking action is the key to success in real estate investing


Quentin D’Souza is the Chief Education Officer of the Durham Real Estate Investor Club. He is a multiple award-winning Real Estate Investor and a trusted authority on investing in the Durham Region. Quentin is a Best-Selling Author and holds three university degrees, which includes a Master’s in Education. Retired or quit the teaching job at age 40 and been investing in real estate for 15 years.

In today’s episode, we dive into Quentin’s journey how he started with $5000 to get an 8 figure real estate portfolio, his primary investing strategy Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent, the three distinct stages a real estate investors and how Quentin’s action taker coaching help real estate investors create the wealth, freedom and security they want faster than they ever thought possible.


Topics Covered:

01:28 – Quentin’s backstory before he decided to venture into real estate investing

03:22 – How the Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent strategy can help get an 8-figure real estate portfolio

06:05 – Biggest lessons and regrets Quentin learned from flipping 

08:14 – Three distinct phases in real estate investing and how being impatient becomes the biggest mistakes real estate investors do

13:19 – How Quentin helps his clients take actions, the benefits of getting Action Taker Masterclass and Mentorship Program

15:38 – Quentin’s Valuable Free Action – Find a group of people who take action like clubs or online and hang-out with them. Because as you keep hanging out with them and hearing things about investing, later on, you’ll become comfortable with that and start doing that too.

16:50 – Quentin’s Valuable Free Resource – download his Free Property Scoring System and Free Rental Property Renovation Video Series and Guides


Key Takeaways:

“Action is the key to success in Real Estate Investing.” – Quentin D’Souza


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