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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Discover and evaluate the real estate  strategies that are gaining momentum in the market today
  • Learn how to buy properties without using your own cash or credit  
  • Discover strategies for structured continuous cash flow and wealth building


Chris Prefontaine is an astute real estate entrepreneur, author, trainer, and coach. He’s been in the business for over 25 years. He also authors a  book titled Real Estate On Your Terms: Create Continuous Cash Flow Now Without Using Your Cash Or Credit. He’s been a realtor and his family is doing two to five deals a month in their personal portfolio. Chris and his family have done over $80 million in real estate transaction.


On this episode, discover Chris’ strategy in doing Real Estate business, how he goes about them and how it helps the clients he serves. Not only that, but he will also share the mistakes he made along the way, that gave him valuable lessons; in which case will help you gain perspective too. Not to be discounted are the mistakes he observes in other real estate investors which will give a whole new thought about the business industry.  This is again another value-packed, inspirational and informative episode you should never miss.


Topics Covered:

03:14 – Chris’ business strategy: lease, purchase, owner financing, and subject to- type real estate deal

04:40 – His take on getting a mentor and not signing personally on any debts

06:19 – Mistakes realtors are making and what to learn from it

07:30 – Chris describes his ideal client that he loves to work with

09:05 – He shares how he helps his coaching students get deals done with his strategies

10:10 – The lease option term: why real estate investors should consider lease options

11:54 – One call of action Chris has for those who want to dip their toe in the real estate game: “Go check out my free webinar.”

14:27 – What is “lease-purchase”, how does it work and examples of sellers in this option, the tiers of people on “lease-purchase” option

18:25 – How he helps his clients maintain their credit standing


Key Takeaways:

“Find a niche that you can relate to. There’s a lot of sub-niches as you know in real estate. Second, find someone that is in the niche that you can relate to as far as a mentor, but still doing deals. As you know, it’s so important because the market changes and if you’re not with your finger on the pulse, you’re going to get hurt.” – Chris Prefontaine

“I would just say to the struggling or to the person who’s looking to get into real estate new, what I said about managing expectations because you can do it. Success leaves clues. This stuff’s been done since the late eighteen hundreds. It’s not new to you or I, they just need the right path and so it’s out there. Boy, you can do it.” – Chris Prefontaine


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