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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn why the buy and hold strategy is the ultimate investment that can give you millions
  • Building a portfolio: learn the importance of year number 8 in your portfolio
  • Learn how being a ‘doer’ sets Jared apart from other real estate coaches 



Jared Hope is the CEO and Founder of Tilt Property Group a property management company. As of today, they have transacted over 360 properties and flipped over $120,000,000. From buying and renovating to managing and mentoring, his company Tilt became the one-stop shop real estate investment company that helps investors to grow an enviable income property portfolio.

In today’s episode, Jared shares his income property investment experience that became the reason behind his all-encompassing service offerings at his company, Tilt. He also talks about his coaching services to make it easy for people to own their first income property and how joining the right mentorship program can help people achieve their breakthrough for entrepreneurial success.

Topics Covered:

01:28 – Jared’s backstory and how his wife Krista sparks him to venture into real estate investing

03:14 – How the buy and hold strategy is the best long term play to win the game

08:40 – The biggest mistake people make in investing in real estate and the importance of year no. 8

11:14 – How being a ‘doer’ sets him apart from other real estate coaches

15:10 – Jared’s valuable free action: First of all don’t talk to anybody about it, read books and be careful in big groups.

Key Takeaways:

“The number one mistake people make in investing in real estate is keeping the property too long.”– Jared Hope

“If you’re picking a coach make sure they’ve gone through at least two downturns, make sure they have well over 50-60 properties, make sure they have a tight system and a staff and make sure you’re dealing with that person versus their team.” – Jared Hope

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