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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Know how to become a top-performing Airbnb™ host and free up your time without becoming a “robotic host” through hiring a property manager
  • Learn how rental arbitrage model make Airbnb work
  • How to brim with short-term cash flows passively with Airbnb short-term hosting



James Svetec is an Airbnb Expert who has managed over $1M in bookings and managed some of the top performing listings in all of Canada. He is one of the best (if not the best) in the industry and has worked with clients in all corners of the world, helping them to dominate their respective markets and become top 1% hosts on Airbnb. He owns the BNB Mastery Program.

Symon He is a co-owner of He co-founded this consultancy and research group that is now a leading voice on the home sharing economy. LearnAirbnb is the #1 go-to resource for Airbnb hosts from around the world for hosting best practices. He is also an online instructor where he teaches best-selling online real estate and business courses to over 160K students from 199 countries. You can find his courses on sites like, LinkedIn Learning, and He also created self-hosted, standalone courses with JV partners in a wide area of topics including real estate investing, small business finance, and short-term rentals.

In this episode, James and Symon share their expertise in short-term rental properties using rental arbitrage model, how to leverage from this strategy and earn passively from it. 

Topics Covered:

01:20 – Simon relating his first foray into real estate particularly short-term rentals after his stint with a failed Tech start-up

03:20 – James sharing how he got into Airbnb rentals

04:05 – The advantages of getting into Airbnb short rental hosts

06:26 – Ways of flipping rental properties and getting short term cashflows

07:14 – How many properties should one have to maximize profits

08:08 – What is rental arbitrage model and how does it differ from a management fee model

10:30 – Professional property management: when is it worth the money? Why an Airbnb property management model is better than property owners managing the property by themselves

12:48 – Biggest mistakes investors commit when doing short-term rental space

13:45 – Arbitrage model versus management model: the risks involved

16:22 – Valuable free resource: visit

Key Takeaways:

“There’s a lot of options when they’re just starting out as they compare the different options out there. Really, think about the sort of the risks and return equation. What do you have to put in in terms of that strategy, not just the cost of the program but what it’s teaching you in terms of how much time and money you have to actually put at risk to implement that strategy versus the return that you get. When you think about it in that perspective, I think you’re going to see some significant advantages with implementing a strategy in short term rentals, especially one that’s been proven to work.”  Simon He

“I think whether people do it on their own or whether they hire it out, there’s enough nuance to it that you definitely want to have things figured out and systems put in place before just diving into it.” – James Svetec

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