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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • How Rochelle and Alisa use their knowledge, systems and their partners capital to find opportunities others miss through passive real estate investing
  • Learn what creative financing is all about and how this out of the box strategy became the tool for multi-million dollar investment deals that Rochelle and Alisa oversee today
  • How Rochelle and Alisa help their partners achieve the freedom and comfort provided by the steady stream of growth and income provided by wise real estate investing


Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson are a dynamic pair of real estate entrepreneurs. After gaining years of experience in the electrical industry, 6 years ago they founded Epic Alliance Inc. With a mission to simplify and streamline the residential real estate investing. The company was awarded the “Most Creative Deal of the Year” in North America by Fortune Builders in 2016. Learning from some of the best real estate mentors, including Rich Dad coaching and Fortune Builders has been the founding pillars of what these EPIC women do and believe in. From humble beginnings, Epic Alliance Inc. has grown into the company it is today. With a residential real estate portfolio that controls more than 140 properties worth over 32 million dollars and adding more every day. Epic Alliance Inc. is exceptional at leveraging their knowledge, expertise, and creativity to facilitate win-win opportunities in residential real estate deals.  

In this episode, Rochelle and Alisa share how they use their expertise and experience in the world of real estate investing to partner with people interested in using passive investment strategies to generate wealth and income.

Topics Covered:

2:20 – Rochelle shares their non-conventional backstory: female electricians that ‘met in prison’, and how this started them down a path that would change their lives forever

04:07 – Alissa discusses their bread and butter: positioning themselves to be residential real estate problem solvers, then narrow it down to working with “buy & hold” and “flips”

04:29 – What is buy and hold strategy is all about for the seller’s market and the buyer market

06:22 – Alissa talks about their team composition at Epic Alliance Inc.

07:42 – Alissa and Rochelle on what they would do differently if they will look back on how they started in real estate investing

08:57 – Rochelle and Alissa on the biggest mistake they see other investors make when they get started

12:02 – On how they will invest in a house, ‘the sweet spot’

Key Takeaways:

As a real estate investor you’re great being an entrepreneur, you’re great at seeing what the properties are, what you can do with them,you’re not the greatest at the paperwork. And so, you know, why bang your head against the wall just bring somebody in that’s amazing at bookkeeping and you will be able to go so much further don’t try to wear too many hats. For me, I think my biggest take away is making sure you align yourself with people who have  the same morals and principles and integrity that you do.” Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson

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