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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn Cal’s top strategy in real estate investing: choosing locations that make the most economic sense and using strategies that have the best profit potential  
  • Discover the services that Cal is offering for others to help grow personal wealth through real estate 
  • Learn why Cal considers acquiring investment properties at deep discounts in Houston, Texas his top market strategy 



Cal Ewing grew up in a cattle ranch in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He pursued his dream of joining a rock band as a successful and professional electric guitar player, but it ended when he read his life-changing book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  It shifted his focus, and so he decided to get a degree in Geology at the University of Calgary and eventually got a job in an oil and gas company in Texas.  The book also sparked his interest and passion in the real estate industry.  He got himself educated in real estate investing by reading lots of books and decided to go full time in the last three years. 

In this episode, Cal shares what made him pursue a real estate career and why he decided to invest in the United States market instead of in his hometown in Canada.  He’ll also reveal the strategies he made to achieve his formidable success and the services he offers in helping others grow their personal wealth through real estate. 


Topics Covered: 

01:14 – Cal’s backstory and how he ended up in the real estate industry 

03:24 – What made him invest in real estate in the United States 

04:34 – Brought his first property in 2009-2010 and how the progress of his investments turned out 

05:08 – His advice for his younger self 

07:33 – The most significant mistakes other real estate investors are making 

08:44 – Strategies on wholesaling properties  

13:03 – Why he chose to invest in Texas  

15:08 – Services he offers: (1) Building a course to help Canadian investors to learn how to invest in the United States; (2) A private lending training course to learn how to grow retirement savings accounts and grow wealth through lending on real estate 

16:57 – Connect with Cal via his website and Facebook 

17:19 – Advice for a Canadian who wants to invest in the United States –
A good cross border accountant and a good real estate attorney in the market that you’re in and that’s all you need to get going. 


Key Takeaways: 

“Pick a strategy.  Pick a market. Because every market is different. Every market has its challenges that you’re going to learn and overcome no matter where it is and just go. And the more you go and the more you do, that snowball starts slowly rolling, and you build that momentum and coincidences happen and you meet the right people, and then you’re off.” – Cal Ewing 


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