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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Discover the power of the wholesaling as your personal blueprint to becoming a successful real estate investor
  • Learn from Dave’s real estate wholesaling techniques in negotiating deals for bigger profits
  • Discover how wholesaling approach can lead to short AND long term profits from real estate



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Dave Dinkel began his real estate investment career in 1975. He started as a real estate rehabber and progressed into being a real estate wholesaler. As he began to expand his real estate investing, he became well known for using his real estate knowledge as a real estate expert.  He was a natural real estate trainer and within a few years started a real estate mentoring program that is considered by many real estate investors as the most successful program in the country.

In today’s episode, Dave talks about how he started wholesale investing in real estate. He shares the importance of the wholesale approach in terms of profits margins and shows his techniques and tips for negotiating for wholesaling (and that’s the key to making money with this strategy).

Topics Covered:

01:38 – Dave’s backstory, how he entered into the world of real estate investing, his definition of Wholesaling and his transition from real estate rehab deals

05:00 – How he started and came about into wholesaling mode and their technique of negotiating for bigger profits

06:55 – The difference between assignments and wholesaling in profit margins

07:45 – The 3 things Dave do if he will start all over again given with his knowledge now

09:06 – Biggest mistake new investor make when they get started in real estate investing

10:35 – Dave describe the ideal investor that he likes to work with and the problem he solved with newbie investors

11:50 – Dave’s valuable free action: Interview your coach. In other words, instead of going into a meeting and having two hundred people in a room rushing to the back and so on and so forth, if you can’t talk to the mentor or coach something is wrong because he is the one should be guiding you not somebody else out of another city that wasn’t successful in their own right. This is a serious game once you know how to play it, it’s amazing.

12:41 – How wholesaling can hold on into long term wealth creation in terms of creating passive income

Key Takeaways:

“Wholesaling is putting a property under contract and reselling the property.”– Dave Dinkel

“The key to our success in wholesaling as I tell my students, the bigger your buyers list the more money you’ll going to make.”– Dave Dinkel

“The trilogy of truth: I am fearless, no more excuses and It doesn’t matter.” – Dave Dinkel

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