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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn Jon’s strategy in real estate investing especially on rent to own deals
  • Discover how Jon adapted to changes in the economy and how you can learn from his experiences to be successful in real estate investing, even in a down market.
  • Learn Jon’s shortcut on making it in the real estate business.



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Jon Simcoe is a very astute young real estate entrepreneur and he’s been in the real estate game for quite a few years now. Jon is one of these guys that just takes the bull by the horns and goes for it. He started in the by doing single family home deals, and gradually ended up focusing a lot on rent to own deals and has become known as Canada’s rent to own king.

In today’s episode, Jon tells us how he got involved in real estate investing and why he chose to quit his job and focus on real estate full-time. He will also share his strategies on raising capital (he’s raised over $30M so far), and his steps to successful joint venturing with his investor partners.

Topics Covered:

1:40 – Jon’s backstory and how he got involved in real estate investing
4:09 – Why he quit his day job and focused on rent to own deals
6:15 – His advice to his younger self
8:28 – Tips on finding money partners and raising capital for deals

11:45 – Jon describes the ideal people he wants to partner with
16:50 – How to shortcut your way to start the real estate investing business

Key Takeaways:

“I use a little systems things in my phone to remember who they are obviously some people are gonna stick out with you more as your doing it. You always want to make that person feel special every time you talk to them.”– Jon Simcoe

“Having the right type of follow up system and warming them up with a warm-up campaign, I think that’s probably the best way to get people started, to see you as a little bit more professional, so like when you do present a deal to those who are interested, that you already have a little bit of a head start.– Jon Simcoe


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