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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn Lisa’s strategy in real estate investing: investing in modestly priced homes in decent areas, and developing a system on how to invest long distance
  • Discover how to find low-cost properties and analyze them to make sure you are choosing the right property
  • Learn from Lisa how to manage a profitable and compassionate real estate investing business offering long term affordable housing and stop the middle-class squeeze



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Lisa Phillips is a cross country real estate investor. After her second layoff and a foreclosure in the bloated Las Vegas, NV real estate market, Lisa found herself with alone and halfway across the US from her friends and family with no job. She was left with a 35k condo and only enough money to renovate the place doing the work herself to stretch her unemployment check. It not only gave her a solid foundation of repair maintenance and costs, but also a taste of how owning real estate could be affordable and profitable. 

In this episode, Lisa Phillis shares how to get into affordable real estate investing as a way to build wealth. Lisa shares how she built her real estate portfolio and has reached financial freedom after losing her job and going through foreclosure. 

Topics Covered:

1:00 – Lisa’s backstory how she started in real estate investing 

2:22 – Lisa shares her experience when she was unemployed, and f had to let go of her condo due to foreclosure

3:05 – All about low priced properties

4:26 – She narrates what happened to her after six months of being unemployed

5:07 – Lisa tells us that even though you’re a regular person, there are properties you can afford to invest in

6:24 – She explains why she doesn’t prefer a condo and why she prefers single family and how the location affects her preference

7:20 – Lisa tells us how many properties she has in each market and how broad the distance of her properties

8:24 – She explains how she helps people in doing long distance investing

9:47 – Lisa shares what she thinks the mistakes that people who are new to real estate investing are making and why it happens

11:41 – She explains how she helps people overcome problems on investing long distance and how to deal with people who are scared to fail and lose their money

13:46 – She shares the steps she made when starting and how she doesn’t have anything to do differently if she was to start all over again

15:13 – She explains why it is important for people who are just starting in real estate investing to trust their instincts

Key Takeaways:

“Real estate investing,  it just gives you so much freedom and control that you never really have before.”– Lisa Phillips

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