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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn what constitutes success in a real estate business 
  • Know the strategies to employ in making it big in this real estate niche 
  • Discover the five pillars of creating the success aura of attracting joint venture partners



Mandy Branham is a Master Real Estate Entrepreneur, successful public speaker, and dedicated Wife and mother. She’s known as the “JV Queen” for her ability to connect with investors, create relationships and offer win-win opportunities for all partners.

In this episode, Mandy speaks from the heart about her passion for the real estate business – it not only being her bread and butter financially but also how it is her vehicle to unfold her mission to provide clean, safe, appropriate housing and thereby to help solve the housing problem for humanity.

Topics Covered:

01:07 – Her story of venturing into Real Estate and how she became the ‘JV Queen’

03:06 – Which real estate investing niche is pouring in money for them and what does it take to do it

03:59 – What is a ‘B’ tenant profile

05:08 – How to develop a success aura to attract people to do deals with them

09:23 – Where to find joint venture partners

11:22 – Why joint venture agreement is important

13:21 – What makes her tick in the real estate business

14:22 – How to get fired up to be able to live up to one’s vision

15:38 – Her thoughts on becoming successful as a real estate investor

Key Takeaways:

A lot of times investors focus on this glory and they pretend that the risks don’t exist. And so you’re almost telling somebody, best case scenario, but eyes wide open, here’s the worst case, but here’s how we would mitigate all these different risks.”Mandy Branham

“I’m going to help humanity by creating housing for humanity. My mark on the world is going to be how I leave the world changed through the housing.” Mandy Branham

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