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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how to overcome lack of experience when syndicating your first deal
  • Know how real estate syndication works
  • Discover why Ellie believes multifamily syndication is a superior strategy




Ellie Perlman is a real estate investor who owns multifamily properties across the U.S. Ellie is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investment firm specializing in syndications for apartment buildings.

Ellie will tell what sparked her interest in real estate and made her realize that when she worked for a large company, she was on the wrong side of the table, negotiating with banks and drafting contracts. Discover the two things she did to jumpstart her investing business.

She’ll also explain what syndication is all about, the type of investors to focus on, and how she works with people who want to find out how syndication business runs. Lastly, get the best piece of advice from this accomplished investor for those who want to go big in real estate investing.

Topics Covered:

01:40 – Ellie reveals what made her transition from being a lawyer to a real estate investor

02:59 – The two things she did to get started in investing

06:32 – What syndication is all about

07:50 – Working with accredited investors and sophisticated investors and their differences

09:08 – What investors in syndication outside the United States should consider in dealing with taxes

08:44 – The impressive number of investment units Ellie and her husband own

11:16 – Different things that she would do if she will invest over again 

11:44 – Her advice on somebody interested to start in investing

12:25 – Sharing the two ways on how she works with people who are involved with syndication

14:59 – Ways to connect with Ellie

Key Takeaways:

“When you partner with someone more experienced, it helps bring in capital to the deal.  It helps investors say, okay, you know what? We know we (can) trust you. We trust your judgment when it comes to who you’re a partner with.” – Ellie Perlman

“Either partner with someone more experienced or find a mentor and learn from them because there’s so much you don’t know.” – Ellie Perlman

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