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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn the importance of building your real estate knowledge through education
  • Learn how to find, attract and keep investors happy
  • How to have hundreds of doors to your portfolio by investing with joint venture partners


Edna Keep is a real estate investment coach, a real estate millionaire and author of Multiple Ways To Wealth. Edna Keep, author of “Multiple Ways To Wealth: Creating Your Prosperous Lifestyle” and real estate investment teacher. On this episode Edna shares  her journey transitioning to the real estate industry from being a former financial advisor, her philosophy of “Learn, Grow, Share” and her  passion of helping new and experienced real estate investors get greater financial options and opportunities, grow their portfolios and live the real estate lifestyle that they want.

Topics Covered:

01:32 – Edna’s backstory – financial advisor leaping to real estate, how investing in real estate education helped develop her expertise around the new career

11:40 – Best way to find money partners for the deals

12:40 – How she qualify her investors before she takes their money

13:58 –  Get Joint Venture Partners: advice to people to stay on the good side of the not-so-friendly securities

15:14 –  What to do to enjoy real estate superior rewards: Under Promise, Over Deliver  and Win

20:18 –  Different screwups real estate investors make and what to learn from them

22:30 – Q: If she lost everything how will he raise funding from scratch if the only thing that is left is her knowledge? A: Go to a networking event that caters to real estate.

Key Takeaways:

“[on managing deals] It is better to under promise and over deliver.” – Edna Keep

Many people do not know how to structure a deal to make money for everybody.” – Edna Keep

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