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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out an investment strategy that allows Erin to work few hours but more than replace her day income
  • Learn how she skyrocketed her real estate investing business without her directly checking on the properties
  • Find out how to earn more with write off through tax benefits



Erin Helle is a Real Estate Investor and coach. As the founder/owner of BC Global Investments, she strives to instill the mindset to achieve financial freedom in all her teammates, mastermind members, and clients. She is also a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Tennessee. Erin served in the US Army for 14 years and loved every minute of it. She excelled as an Engineer officer, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for women who came after her.

In this episode, Erin shares how she was scared to get into real estate at first but is now hooked and enjoying her time and income from real estate investing. She is also able to manage productively while miles away from where her properties are. She shares about the investment strategy she focuses on and how she is scaling it.

Topics Covered:

00:54 – Her primary investing strategy

01:17 – What buy and hold properties is she holding on to

02:02 – Years she’s been in real estate

04:38 – The number of hours she’s working in her real estate investing business

05:34 – Where and what size of market is she investing in

07:30 – Two most important things she’s learned from the military that spills over to her real estate business

09:52 – How is being in the military affected managing her real estate business

11:50 – The many ways she finances her deals

Key Takeaways:

“Two years of just analysis-process, two years of being too afraid to do it. And then I did it. And I was immediately hooked, like the power of real estate investing played out in that single-family home. And since then, I’ve just been trying to scale as much as possible.” – Erin Helle

“I would say at this point, I’ve gotten pretty efficient at the buy and hold process. So that doesn’t take a lot of my time. Just navigate the offer and do your due diligence; once that part is over, you close and put the property manager in place. Very hands-off.” – Erin Helle

“I learned this; once I moved away from Tennessee, all my doors were in the same city that I lived in. And then we moved to California. And I thought I was going to take a major setback in my business. But I found that my productivity skyrocketed because I no longer was driving around checking on projects, I wasn’t keeping tabs on people, I just, out of sight had to force myself to trust that they were getting it done.” – Erin Helle

“I have used every financing strategy under the sun and every combination you could ever think of. And that’s where I think the power is in real estate, like the more creative you can get, the more powerful that strategy is going to be.” – Erin Helle

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