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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Discover the three main business categories that will help you map out your marketing plan to onboard investors
  • Learn about the marketing strategies that compel your prospects to book a call with you
  • Find out recommended action steps that will earn you your prospects’ trust and ultimately invest with you


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Getting prospects to invest with us is not an overnight game. You’ve got everything all planned and mapped out.

The tendency is, we focus on those who will invest with us right now. We should remember that, not always, just because we are ready, they are, as well. They’re not ready just yet.

And before we lose up to someone else having good plans for their money, let’s stay top of mind with them and make it easier for them to take action with us.

How exactly do we do that? In this two-part series of Free Flow Friday, let’s uncover the capital activators and get them activated.

Topics Covered:

00:31 – Dave’s recommending of Dean Jackson

02:39 – Three main business categories

04:10 – What is the ‘before unit’ all about

04:21 – The ‘during unit’ — what it looks like

04:43 – What it entails in the ‘after unit’

05:43 – What is the capital activator number one – creating curiosity and desire

07:34 – The second capital activator — what’s in it for them

08:27 – What’s the fastest way to do the second capital activator

09:54 – The third capital activator – how to stay top of mind with vital people

10:39 – What is one thing to remember with the third capital activator

11:20 – When will the investor pull the trigger and invest with you

13:26 – One big tip to stay top of mind

13:37 – What should be the goal of your marketing

14:10 – Why you need to have a specific CTA

16:33 – Dave’s recommendation on how to keep consistent communication with your prospective investors

Key Takeaways:

“The ‘before unit’ is all about finding the investors, identifying the perfect investors, educating them, and motivating them to reach out to us the first time.” – Dave Dubeau

“The ‘during unit’ is where we deliver the experience, whatever that looks like. So that could be starting with a first meeting, getting them to invest with you, that whole process, the duration of that time of them actively investing with you.”  – Dave Dubeau

“The ‘after unit’ is all about really maximizing the experience, focusing on that lifetime worth of an investor. So, it’s all about really working on that, getting repeat business from that investor, getting for them to reinvest with us getting testimonials from them, and referrals.” – Dave Dubeau

“Capital activator number one, according to Dean, and I completely agree with is, we’re going to be much more effective if we select a single target market to focus on. From my perspective, the easiest money, the most logical money to go after first and the safest money to go at first, is that which is within our sphere of influence.” – Dave Dubeau

“Capital activator number two, compelling our best prospects to reach out to. This is what our marketing is all about. All of our marketing is designed to get people to put up their hand, self-identify, and ideally, click on the button that says, book a call with one of you.” – Dave Dubeau

“We need to focus on what’s in it for them. It’s not just all about how great we are, how smart we are, how much experience we have, we have to tie all of that into what’s in it for the other person, what makes this a good compelling thing for them.” – Dave Dubeau

“It’s all about that constant and consistent communication. I always recommend you should be working out to where you’re having at least four communications a month, always staying top of mind. Keep it light, keep it entertaining, a little bit educational, hopefully, a little bit entertaining, interesting.” – Dave Dubeau

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