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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Find out which old marketing tradition you should avoid doing away with massive rejection 
  • Learn about action steps on how to have adult conversations with prospects to get them to invest with you 
  • Find out marketing ideas to help you turn rejections into referrals 


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Fear of rejection — who doesn’t have that? 

But, in this episode, let me show you how to overcome that fear and take out that rejection. 

Topics Covered: 

00:29 – The biggest bottleneck that gets in the way of great real estate entrepreneurs 

01:33 – Many reasons why we hold fear in us 

01:51 – Dave sharing his own experience of rejection 

03:51 – Using the marketing idea to attract capital investors 

04:30 – The old traditional way of doing marketing that will surely get you a big rejection 

04:54 – Get smart and use marketing  

Key Takeaways: 

“The biggest bottleneck that gets in the way of otherwise really, really smart, talented, forthright, great real estate entrepreneurs — it’s this issue of the fear of rejection.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Most of us have this fear of rejection but it holds us back from so much.” – Dave Dubeau 

“I realized that I could apply marketing to what I was doing, and get people to come to me kind of pre-interested in what I had, instead of me having to push it on them. And that, that made a complete difference with not only that business but every business I’ve ever been in.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Once I got into using other people’s money for my own real estate deals, and realize that there are lots of investors out there, I said, Hey, why don’t I apply this whole marketing idea to attracting investors raising capital. It works just as well.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Time and circumstances might change their minds. It might not make sense right now, six months down the line, a year down the line, it very well could make sense for them then. It’s still not a rejection. It’s just not right for them at this time. And who knows, that might even turn into a referral if you do it right.”  – Dave Dubeau 

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