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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Find out how one man turns around his past pain into his glory and how we can do the same to run after our dreams 
  • Learn how to run at 100% maximum capacity in life and push your limits  
  • Find out what one fuel we can use to propel us to achieve our dreams 


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Finding fuel to power you up for success? Are you still running at 40% capacity? 

Join me in this episode as we discover how to run in life at 100% maximum capacity. 

Topics Covered: 

00:55 – Talking about a book called “Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins 

04:36 – How to use your past pain as fuel for your dreams 

04:58 – Dave recalling his own pain that fuels his dream to be a successful entrepreneur 

05:44 – Pushing your limits, running at 100% maximum capacity, and making a new reality 

Key Takeaways: 

“One of the ways that we can use for fuel is digging into our past and all that stuff that we’ve kind of pushed down, pushed aside, and pushed away. David says, use that for fuel for pursuing your dream, whatever it is, don’t hide from it, don’t run away from it, don’t mask it, own it, and use it as fuel.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Goggins talks about the fact that most of us are running at maximum 40% capacity, 40% of what we’re able to actually do. One of the suggestions he has for getting a glimpse at what 100% looks like is through physical exercise, through doing something physical, that you haven’t done before, or pushing your limits.”  – Dave Dubeau 

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