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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Find out the most important trait successful real estate entrepreneurs embody 
  • Learn how to dial in to your why to be successful in real estate 
  • Find out stories of dialing in to your ‘why’ and getting successful in real estate 


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Are you not finding success at being a real estate entrepreneur as you want to be? 

For one to be successful in real estate you need to have the most important trait successful real estate entrepreneurs have. 

Listen in to this Free Flow Friday episode of the Property Profits Real Estate podcast and let’s dig deep into how you can make it big in the real estate business. 

Topics Covered: 

01:01 – The most important trait amongst successful real estate entrepreneurs 

01:41 – How finding your ‘why’ sparks something in you to take action and find opportunities 

04:28 – A story of a couple who dug into their why and got the freedom from a 9-5 job 

Key Takeaways: 

“The most successful real estate investors that I know of have really dialed in their why. They really know why they want to be successful as real estate entrepreneurs. And it’s not just because, ‘Hey, I want to be rich.’ That’s not going to carry you over, they’ve really dug deep and found out what it is that drives them to do everything that’s necessary to be successful.” – Dave Dubeau 

“The importance of really understanding your why — so what does this mean to you? This means, in my opinion, if you’re not as successful at what you’re doing in real estate as you want to be, part of the reason might be that you haven’t really crystallized your why. Or it’s vague, or it’s not specific, or it doesn’t really grab you by the guts.” – Dave Dubeau 

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