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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • How to stay top of mind for when they are ready to invest 
  • Find out the trade show ‘lesson’ about who invests when and why we need to be patient to play a long-term game with them 
  • Find out what a ‘super signature’ is and how it can massively help move your prospects to booking a one-on-one call with you 


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Today’s FreeFlow Friday is a little different… it’s a recording of a client mastermind session I held where we figured out the big question… WHEN WILL OUR INVESTORS ACTUALLY INVEST WITH US?

Because here’s the cold-hard truth… just because you WANT the money right now doesn’t mean your investors are going to be ready, willing and able to invest right now.

Some will, but most won’t be ready just because you are. So when will they finally be ready to cut a check?  How long do you have to wait?  How can we speed up and encourage the process?

Tune in and find out. 

Topics Covered: 

01:13 – One big thing on our mind – How can I get the money to do my deal? 

01:51 – When can I get the money? Because I’d like to get it now or yesterday, if possible. 

03:05 – Sharing important takeaways from a mastermind session with Dean Jackson: How long of a cycle before somebody feels comfortable, ready, willing, and able to invest? 

13:27 – How should you be on top of mind of your prospective investors once they’re ready to invest with you 

09:02 – How does the marketing strategy used in trade shows look like for a real estate set up  

15:02 – Dave shares Dean Jackson’s super signature at the end of his emails – What is this about and how brilliant is the idea behind it? 

Key Takeaways: 

“We probably have to use other people’s money to make that happen. And we’d like to get it now. But we also need a little reality check on the fact that it’s not all about us.” – Dave Dubeau 

“We’re thinking about me, me, me, me, me. I’m ready. I’ve got a portfolio to grow, I got stuff to do. I’m ready for your capital. Invest with me now. But if that’s all we focus on, then we’re leaving the vast majority of the capital still locked up in their bank accounts.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Just because we want it now, doesn’t mean they want to invest with us right now. We need to always remember we need to play the long game, and be patient about this, as well.”  – Dave Dubeau 

“Of course, we want to focus on the quick capital people. If they’re ready to invest, let’s accept gratefully and appreciatively accept their capital. No reason not to do that, but we want to do it in such a way that we don’t turn off 85% of the folks who could and would invest with us long term.” – Dave Dubeau 

“How do we do this, we need to continually provide value, we need to continually educate the people on our list, keep top of Mind with them. So that when time and circumstances change when they’re ready and it’s the right time for them, we are going to be the ones that pop to mind.” – Dave Dubeau 

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