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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Understand that doing traditional old school marketing will not sustain you long-term when you are looking for JV/investor partners to raise capital 
  • Find out why the whole idea of attracting investors is so much more effective than pushing yourself on them to raise capital 
  • Find out what you might be doing (unknowingly) that repels potential capital partners/investors repel, sending you into an endless spiral of rejection (even with hard work and good intentions)…and what to do instead 


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When it comes to trying to attract investors (and romantic partners), nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone is ‘needy’ or desperate. 

It oozes from every pore of their being and actually repels the very people they are trying to attract. 

That’s what we’re discussing in today’s short (6 min) “Free Flow Friday” episode of the Property Profits Podcast. 

Topics Covered: 

01:18 – A story illustrating the foundational principle of ‘needy is creepy’ 

03:14 – How does the story apply to attracting potential investors to raise capital 

03:34 – A lot more painful stories looking for investors to raise capital 

04:56 – How to get people to reach out to you instead of you chasing after them 

05:20 – What happens when you do old school stuff marketing 

Key Takeaways: 

“If your prospective investor, if your potential money partner feels or senses that you are desperate, that you’re needy, that you have to have the money for your deal, then that’s going to actually be repelled up.” – Dave Dubeau 

“When your prospective investor feels or senses that you are needy, that you’re desperate, that actually repels them, and it has the exact opposite effect that we’re hoping for.” – Dave Dubeau 

“When we’re doing this old school stuff, like dialing for dollars, cold calling, spamming people, emails that are unsolicited, all this kind of stuff is really bad positioning. Because we aren’t seen as an authority or as an expert in real estate investing. We are seen as somebody who’s desperate for money to do a deal.”  – Dave Dubeau 

“When you’re networking, when you’re schmoozing, for most of us, that involves a lot of hard work, and an immense amount of rejection. And at least from what I’ve seen, very, very few people can do that consistently long term.”  – Dave Dubeau 

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