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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:
  • Know the concept and importance of getting your ducks in a row when you’re raising a capital 
  • Discover how you’ll be able to jump on investment opportunities faster than ever before – with confidence 
  • Learn how to get into doing more deals, or bigger deals because you’ll have the capital you need to do it 


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Usually, when I see new capital raisers going around trying to raise money for their deals, they’re very episodic and usually do things in fits and starts. 

…however, you might be surprised with how different things will be when you give it a new approach.

For this #FreeFlowFriday episode, I share the concept of having investors in the wings, and how beneficial that is when it comes to having the money at hand when you need it. 

Once you discover this concept, you’ll NEVER raise capital the old way! Listen and understand how to get your a-team of investors eagerly waiting in the wings for your deals. 

Topics Covered: 

0:06 – Dave talks about the idea of getting your ducks in a row when it comes to raising a capital 

0:33 – Dave suggests things in relation to raising a capital 

0:50 – Dave uses stage actors and Broadway plays analogy to explain the concept of getting your investors ready in the wings and the benefits you will have 

1:55 – Dave mentions the details of his one-day out-coming virtual workshop  

Key Takeaways: 

“Never stop the marketing for raising capital.” – Dave Dubeau 

“When you got those investors ready to go waiting in the wings, you know that you can take advantage of deals when they appear.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Let’s get a bunch of investors, get our ducks in a row; let’s get them lined up, ready to go in the wings.” – Dave Dubeau 

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