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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Which are the ‘hot’ markets to invest in now
  • Tips on how to find a really good realtor
  • One unique way of establishing authority (other than handing out business cards)



Gary Wong is an award-winning real estate professional and author of “The Book on Vancouver Real Estate”. He specializes in luxury home marketing and sales and helps investors build wealth through establishing real estate portfolios.

In this episode, Gary talks about being a realtor as well as a real estate investor. You will learn how to add more value to clients that will help strengthen your branding and positioning.

Topics Covered:

01:06 – How he became a realtor and eventually a real estate investor at the same time and what strategy he uses

04:17 – What types of investors does he come in contact with

05:25 – What reason do investors have for choosing Vancouver

07:12 – How to find a good realtor

09:23 – What steps should be done to find a good realtor

10:51 – What lessons did he learn from his mentor,Dan Lok, that helped him catapult things up

13:02 – Talking about his book entitled “The Book On Vancouver Real Estate: How To Buy It, Sell It, And PROFIT From It! by Gary Wong  

15:54 – How he managed to really do well with YouTube

Key Takeaways:

“I think when it comes to finding a good realtor, there are different types. One, like if you’re looking specifically for buying, then you want a realtor who knows how to do analysis quite well. They know their numbers, they know their economic fundamentals, they know which areas are great and which are not, and then they must have high level of customer service.” – Gary Wong

One step in looking for good realtor: “I would ask for referrals, but also I would interview them and then I would do my own due diligence. I find that realtors who are quite well branded online, it shows me that they take pride in what they do and that they’re not just helping their friends buy or sell real estate.They actually are doing this long-term. They give off a good first impression if they have good marketing,though it doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to be a great realtor for you.” – Gary Wong

“Well, I use my book as my business card in real estate. A lot of people just hand out their business cards and you and I know that business cards often get thrown away. So, Dan was telling me, Gary, when you use your book, it gives you the authority status. People aren’t going to throw away your book, so use your book as an authority, like as a business card.” – Gary Wong 

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