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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Discover the real estate investing potential for Canadians in the US market
  • Learn the steps to take to set up legal and financial processes and avoid trouble with taxes
  • Know the biggest mistake that Canadians do in investing in the United States




Glen Sutherland is a real estate investor who invests in Ontario, Alabama, Indiana, and Missouri from Cambridge, Ontario. After getting comfortable with being an hour and a half from his rentals, he made the jump to the USA for lower property taxes, more favorable landlord laws, and low purchase prices.

In this episode, Glen recounts his personal real estate investing experience as a Canadian in the United States. Learn from him the do’s and don’ts in setting up legal and financial structures and avoid tax issues. Discover the advantages for investing cross border to achieve higher ROI on his investments.

Topics Covered:

00:54 – Glen recalls how he got involved in real estate investing and ended up in the United States

02:40 – The type of markets he invested in 

04:06 – Why he decided to start in that kind of market

06:58 – An overview of the steps to take to set up legal and financial structures and not get double “whammied” with taxes

09:02 – How he used and managed cash in investing down in the United States

11:08 – How Glen manages his deals

12:35 – The number of markets he’s currently investing and the locations 

13:52 – Biggest mistakes that his fellow Canadians are doing

15:08 – Connecting with Glen through his podcast and website

Key Takeaways:

“I think the big mistake is that the numbers are different. The number, like they see a house that’s like 75,000 that rents for $750 a month. And then go and buy it. But they don’t realize that that’s a commonplace. And they’re not buying a deal at all. And they’re buying at a market or even above market. And they, they don’t understand that because it’s totally different. You bought that $75,000 property, but it’s only worth $65,000, and it’s going to take you five or 10 years to get up to your 75.” – Glen Sutherland

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