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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Detailed explanation of what syndication means
  • Know how Hunter invited 30 people and converted them into real estate investors after a lunch meeting
  • What are the two ways to raise capital based on what it is that you offer



Hunter Thompson is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital (pronounced AY-SIM), a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since starting Asym, Hunter has raised more than $30M in private capital for real estate offerings. He is the author of Raising Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility, and Fund Deals.

Today on Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, we feature Hunter’s journey in the world of real estate investing. Discover how his background in economics and passion in communications gave him an advantage in his newfound business. Learn from this author and real estate entrepreneur as he details how he attracts potential investors and has raised an impressive amount of $30M capital from investor partners. He will also give you some golden nuggets of information about syndication, the mobile home park business, and practical and proven ways to raise capital for real estate deals.

If you’re starting to raise money for real estate investing, you shouldn’t miss this episode.

Topics Covered:

00:31 – Brief background of Hunter

01:20 – Hunter gives details on his inclination in economics and what led him to venture into real estate investing

03:40 – The two significant events that made him decide to go into real estate 

05:14 – Detailing what syndication means

06:50 – Hunter further explains his journey starting as a passive investor, later on, started his business and worked with operating partners

08:38 – How the process of finding and working with investor partners, raising capital and focusing on mobile home park business all worked for Hunter

11:48 – Brief description of what his book was all about

12:25 – Advice in dealing with the Securities Commission in the US

12:58 – Two ways to raise capital in terms of your offerings

14:50 – Hunter talks about his passion and ability in communications that made him invite 30 accredited investors to listen to his talk on mobile home park business and made them invest in his business

17:09 – Where and how to get resources from Hunter – his book, podcast, webinars and other valuable contents

Key Takeaways:

“Once I understood the vehicle, from my perspective, I was thinking, the return profile is somewhat similar. I get to be diversified across multiple different asset classes across the country, and I get to depend on someone else’s time, energy, and expertise. I’m going to do this a lot. And that’s really how I built my business.” – Hunter Thompson

“A syndication is pulling your money together with some other investors and getting into a much bigger deal than you probably could. – Hunter Thompson

“This is not an easy job. Anyone that thinks that it’s easy to raise capital hasn’t raised a lot of capital. You can fall on your face pretty hard.  If you do it right, it can be the most lucrative, the most sought after, the most consistently needed skill in the entire real estate business. If you have the ability to consistently write seven-figure checks or eight-figure checks, you will always have a place in the commercial real estate world. It’s unbelievable, and I think people are starting to get wind of that now.” – Hunter Thompson

“Always have a really good attorney, especially if we’re going to put something on paper like write a book. It has to be an iron-clad.” – Hunter Thompson

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