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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out a real estate strategy that lets you earn even without houses, without money, and almost without competition 
  • Learn how to strategically find properties according to buyer profiles to keep consistent cash flows and deals from coming 
  • Discover the unique way of finding buyers and sellers without physically meeting them 



Jack Bosch is an immigrant from Germany who came to the US pretty much with nothing, but within a matter of 6 years from arriving in the US, and 18 months from getting into real estate, he and his wife Michelle built a system and process that made them 7 and then 8 figures. His method is unique because it’s real estate without houses, without money, and almost without competition.  
In this episode, Jack talks about a strategy that he finds simple and easier. It provides him a steady cash flow and revenue. And with buyers profiled according to their buying behavior, it is easier for him to cater to four of the most sought-after markets. 

Topics Covered: 

01:24 – A simpler investment strategy he is focusing on  

03:16 – How does he go about this unique strategy  

06:50 – How is land flipping different from house flipping 

09:46 – Who are the usual buyers for his land properties 

Key Takeaways: 

“What we do is land flipping, we flip land like other people flip houses, land flipping is simpler and easier, and in most cases even faster because there are no houses involved, there are none of the inspections involved, there’s none of the kind of termites, none of the repairs, none of the financing.” – Jack Bosch 

“With land flipping, you can even do double closings, and you can use assignments, you can use all these different things. You can do the same things without all the complexities that come in with house flipping.”  – Jack Bosch 

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