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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Know the internal challenges he encountered coming from Engineering background and venturing into real estate
  • Discover the reasons why he still wants to be successful in real estate despite having a great career in Engineering
  • Learn how podcasting helped him in his journey in real estate investing




Jacob Ayers is a young professional real estate investor, and host of the Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom – a top-rated business podcast. Jacob bought his first rental property at the age of 25. He continues to build his portfolio through buying and holding multi-family properties.

Jacob was an Engineering graduate, and this career gave him a comfortable life, but he lacked fulfillment in it. He wanted to prove that he was capable of better things. Despite the challenges he had, he achieved financial freedom in a short period. Jacob shows that regardless of your background, anyone can become successful in real estate investing if you have the right mindset, and take action.

Today on Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Jacob shares how podcasting paved his way to discover real estate investing. And now, as an accomplished podcaster himself, he’ll tell more about how it helped him to reach his success and gave him fulfillment that he truly wanted.

Topics Covered:

00:54 – Jacob narrates how his early midlife crisis led him to discover podcasts and later invest in real properties

02:24 – Bought his first rental property – a single-family home at $25,000

03:27 – The type of real estate he primarily focused on

04:55 – How he bought his properties

05:56 – What he would do differently if he’ll start again

07:18 – Mistakes that he sees people make when starting in real estate

08:46 – Internal challenges he experienced due to his engineering background

10:13 – The more profound reason why Jacob wants to be a successful real estate investor 

12:02 – Jacob tells the fulfillment he got from doing his podcast

12:32 – The benefits of doing a podcast in real estate investing

13:53 – Deals he made from podcasting

14:44 – Advice to the listeners who want to start their podcast

16:05 – How to connect to Jacob and where to listen to his podcasts

Key Takeaways:

“The reasons that buy and hold stuck and resonated with me are because you can create wealth over the long-term, and generate passive income in the near term. And those two things combined are a really powerful thing to allow you to create that generational wealth and build financial freedom in the near term.  It allows you to achieve that point that I call financial freedom, and allowing you to essentially be able to retire from your day job, which was a big point in my life.” – Jacob Ayers

“Always have that vision and that skill in the back of your mind to get big and do things bigger and quicker.” – Jacob Ayers

“I think one thing you’ve got to focus on is the mindset.  Why are you doing this? What’s driving you? And if you can tap into something deep there that will motivate you to take action. And to me, it came down to mindset, having that abundance mindset, having the drive to build something for yourself. That desire is what pushed me over that cliff.” – Jacob Ayers

“Podcasting has been the most phenomenal networking tool I think I could have envisioned.” – Jacob Ayers

“Think about why you’re going to do the podcast. Those are the reasons why I started doing it. And it’s not passive.  So, don’t go into it with that kind of a mentality because you’ll be sorely disappointed when you come to find out how much work it is.” – Jacob Ayers

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