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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out about pro-active real estate strategies that will see you through this coronavirus time 
  • Discover ways to invest in real estate that will save you moving expenses while at the same time creates strong cash flow 
  • Find out about this game plan that generates good deals… every time. 



James Knull started his Real Estate career in Edmonton Alberta and has built a portfolio of over 250 doors with single and multifamily buildings. He leads the Mogul Realty Group, one of the most respected realtor teams for investors in Western Canada. 

In this episode, James shares with us a handful of investment strategies that will help you navigate through this corona pandemic and steer you on the right course to making your real estate business afloat. He shares creative investment strategies that will save you moving expenses and at the same time creating strong cash flow.  

Topics Covered: 

01:21 – How is coronavirus quarantine affecting the real estate activity up in Edmonton 

03:01 – What opportunities could be coming up for real estate after coronavirus 

06:36 – Strategies that will help your real estate business during static and receding markets 

11:06 – His investment strategies 

13:00 – Why he likes multifamily strategy 

15:32 – Advantages of having multifamily housing 

Key Takeaways: 

“Everything else about the receding market is fairly commonplace for us investors. We’ve seen this pattern before, and so we know what opportunities are going to come because we’ve seen them before. We know how to capitalize on them, and the type of opportunities that typically come up are going to be distressed sellers.” – James Knull 

“We’re going to go through a period of change. We’re going to hit an equilibrium point at the bottom that’s going to become the new normal and then it’s time to start pursuing it as opportunities.” – James Knull 

A very popular strategy is BRRRR.  This strategy becomes so much more popular in a flat market because you can still add equity value to a property without sitting on your hands waiting for market appreciation.” – James Knull 

If you have a property type that you want to pursue, pick five that match your type, write an aggressive offer on all five and see which seller is willing to play ball in that marketplace. Because if you’re not so dead set on any one’s property, find the one that’s the best deal. That’s something we do with our clients all the time.” – James Knull 

As a buyer, you can start bringing more creative negotiating strategies to the table, a really low unsavory offer might make the other one look more acceptable by comparison. It is subtly steering the seller towards selecting the option that you wanted all along, which might include creative terms, which is what you want to happen.”- James Knull 

With single-family homes, the values tend to fluctuate a lot based on emotion, based on what people are willing to pay for a property whereas with multifamily the valuation is based on how profitable that property is.” – James Knull 

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