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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn the invaluable perks of investing in multifamily properties
  • How to set up a systematic and practical process of doing things before even making offers
  • Learn how to get steady cashflow through multi-family investing



Jason Yarusi is a very experienced real estate investor, house lifter, and even a podcaster himself! 

In this episode,Jason shares his in-depth knowledge of multi-family properties. From getting your focus as a start-up to doing financing the practical way all the way to creating a systematic and practical process.

Topics Covered:

01:14 –  Recounting the day when he was thrown into the path of Real Estate

04:05 –  The benefits of large multi-family properties

05:51 –  The advantages of having mentors and coaches

07:16 –  On how to get that focus in the first place as a start-up in Real Estate

09:05 –  On having the right mindset to do the big leap in Real Estate

10:10 –  Learning a thing or two from Jason’s way of financing properties

10:56 –  Making sense of Jason’s practical process of doing things before offering properties

12:42 –  His unfair advantage

13:23 –  How to turn their No to Yes

15:43 –  His free resource: The Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast

16:56 – His actionable tip for anyone interested to venture into multi-family investing

Key Takeaways:

“I would have pushed a little bit more to get quicker there. And for those people who are listening, find people that are doing successfully where you want to do. And so, could I have made this jump on my own, not surrounding myself with like-minded people? Sure. But, would the learning curve have been a lot greater and would have taken me a lot longer? Sure. Yes, it would. But to be able to find people that are doing what you want to do successfully and seeing how you can help them but also having them in your corner where you can ask them these questions that can help you along the way.” – Jason Yarusi

“I’m probably more stubborn than most people and that comes from, you know, being surrounded by a bunch of Italians that I’ll hear No 6,000 times. But no, there’s a yes somewhere that goes at everything. They all know that. They’ll keep saying, well, they said no. I said, well, just keep asking cause sooner or later that No becomes a Yes. Just got to find them a right way to ask it or the right person to ask it to.” – Jason Yarusi

“Give yourself three action items and go out there and do it. Find your focus, make five calls and go out there and make an offer. And if you do this, you know, if you make an offer, you can always say No. You can always not go on that point. I promise you no one’s going to take your dog or something. If you go out there and make an offer, there’s something magical that’s going to happen. People get fearful of the end of this. We go out there and take action. You’ll find it. It will make it so much easier the next time you take action. But that first time it can be really tough.” – Jason Yarusi

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