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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • What is the critical thing that made Jean-Philippe grow his portfolio in five years?
  • Learn the advantages of investing in multi-family properties
  • Discover the rules and regulations governing tenants and property owners in Quebec



Jean-Philippe Claude is a very successful multi-family real estate investor based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Originally an engineer by training, Jean-Philippe got hooked on real estate when he bought his first triplex in 2011. After taking a variety of training programs, he bought more than 150 apartments in just four years.

Jean-Philippe is now a full-time real estate investor, and one of the directors of Quebec’s largest real estate investment clubs. It’s another jam-packed and fast-paced episode today as I feature Jean-Philippe Claude and his journey from engineering to real estate investing. Jean-Philippe’s remarkable portfolio has grown immensely, that he attributed his success in raising capital from his JV partners.

How did he do it? And after he was done getting the deal up and running, how does he also manage his properties? What are the pro’s and con’s to investing in Quebec vs. other areas of Canada? Tune in and find the answers in his story.

Topics Covered:

01:23 – Jean-Philippe tells how he shifted from a mechanical engineer to a real estate investor who initially bought a triplex and converted it into a fourplex 

03:18 – His current portfolio owning 180 apartments in five years

04:00 – Revealing how raising capital made his portfolio grew quickly

05:38 – How he managed his properties and tenants

07:38 – The significant differences between investing in Quebec vs. the rest of Canada

13:04 – Rules and regulations in Quebec in favor of the tenants vs. property owners

16:21 – Advice to investors who want to start with multi-family investing

17:59 – Where to get more details about Jean-Philippe

19:11 – Final advice in real estate investing

Key Takeaways:

“The money is in optimizing.  It isn’t in buying. Find a deal that is optimizing. And then when it’s optimizing, when you squeeze the juice out of the property, and you did everything you could to increase your net revenue, then you give it to somebody else. You accept the fact that the property is not going to be managed as well as you would.” Jean-Philippe Claude

“Knowledge is the first thing first.  After that, if they want to jump into a multifamily, they need to know their sectors.” Jean-Philippe Claude

“I think the biggest mistake from a starting point is to think big and thinking that you’re not going to miss a deal because you’re looking big. But actually, that’s exactly the opposite. You’re not going to be in the market, you’re not going to know if you do renovate that apartment, how much it’s going to be worth, and you’re not going to be able to price your building correctly.” Jean-Philippe Claude 

“Get to know your sector. Take action. Sometimes people are falling classes, reading a book, watching podcasts, and that’s pretty good. That’s awesome. Watching but take action afterward. That’s where that happens. I called taking action, like making a promise to purchase shots to the net. I mean, if you don’t shoot to the net, there’s a 100% chance that you’re not going to succeed.”Jean-Philippe Claude

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