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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how to leverage your portfolio to fund the lifestyle you want
  • Find out about a strategy that is not only synergistic – but also reduces cost for you and your investors at the same time helping other investors
  • Discover how investing in yourself can open the floodgates of good fortune



Jeff Woods is an award-winning real estate investor and coach that has 22 plus years of real-world experience and now devotes his time to helping others create financial freedom through real estate.

In this episode, Jeff talks about how, from humble beginnings, he was able to grow his real estate portfolio into what it is today, funding the lifestyle that he wants. He also shares ways in which he finds joint partners that allow him to buy multi-million-dollar property investments.

Topics Covered:

01:12 – How Jeff was first introduced to real estate

03:13 – His first real estate investment property

04:43 – What his current portfolio looks like now

06:03 – 22 year-story of hard work

06:47 – The three components of his real estate business

08:57 – Creating a renovation division

10:08 – The importance of investing in your self

13:00 – How he raises capital

14:03 – How he got his first JV partner

15:49 – How he finds JV partners in unexpected places

Key Takeaways:

“I would much rather be the guy collecting the rent than paying the rent.” – Jeff Woods

“I bought a beat-up bank power of sale, three bedrooms on the main floor, and I fixed up the basement and I put three bedrooms and a bathroom and a kitchen in the lower unit. And I started to rent out the rooms to college and university friends. And so that went extremely well.” – Jeff Woods

“As I grew and evolved and started to learn and started to invest more in my education, I focused more on multifamily properties. And I would use a combination of buy, fix, refinance. and rent strategy. I would do that, coupled with joint venture partnerships, private money, and self-directed RSPs.” – Jeff Woods

“So, we’ve slowly evolved and grown. And then just keep pushing forward. And now today, taking that portfolio, and leveraging it so that it now funds my desired lifestyle.” – Jeff Woods

“We built our own team in-house to service our own properties. We mostly do our own properties, but we will help other investors in the area as well. It’s very synergistic. It just lends to everything we were already doing. So, it made sense to create a renovation division as well.” – Jeff Woods

“When I hired a coach who had already accomplished the things that I wanted to do, and was able to help me work on myself, and set goals and attain them, get rid of some of my self-defeating habits and all of these things. When I started to work more on myself, that’s when my real estate portfolio really took off.” – Jeff Woods

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