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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how to take advantage of the Smith Manouever to lessen your taxes 
  • Learn which deals you can best use your money to earn income 
  • Find out the tax savings you can get from using the Smith Manouever 


As an Independent Mortgage Specialist with Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group and a Legacy Certified Financial Life Planner in Calgary, Keith Uthe’s daily objective is to fulfill his personal life vision: ‘Everyone Shall Live a Life of abundance’. His goal in every conversation that he has is to impact that person’s life to help him towards a life of abundance. His experience, training, and knowledge as a Real Estate Investor, Certified Real Estate Investment Adviser, and Mortgage Associate all play a part in what he gives to those he works with. 

In this episode, Keith talks about how the Smith Manouever gives you an advantage of tax savings. While you gain income from investments you have, you can also use as a tax credit the interest you pay for your mortgage. At the same time, if you want to build a fund for your retirement, this is also the best way to accelerate it. 

Topics Covered: 

01:41 – What is the Smith Manouever, and what was the objective behind creating it? 

03:08 – How does it differ or relate to the one in the US 

04:26 – How does the Smith Manouever work 

07:13 – First key thing you need to know about Smith Manouever 

07:39 – What is a readvanceable mortgage 

08:30 – The second key thing to consider in the Smith Manouever 

08:52 – What is the third key thing to take into account with the Smith Manouever? 

09:39 – Where does your money work best  

10:26 – The intent is to use the money to earn income 

11:29 – How is the Smith Manouever done 

13:06 – Why would you put your money in a high-interest savings account and earn less than you’re paying on interest? 

16:10 – What to consider when doing the initial set up of your Smith Manouever account 

16:34 – To whom does this Smith Manouever work best for 

Key Takeaways: 

“One first key thing in Smith Manouever is, you need to use a readvanceable mortgage product.” – Keith Uthe 

“The second key thing is, you have to have at least 20% equity in your home to be able to get the readvanceable mortgage setup.” – Keith Uthe 

“The third key thing you have to consider is that the funds that you would take from your pay down of your mortgage to invest have to be invested into non-registered investments.” – Keith Uthe 

“The advantage of converting your mortgage, and being able then to deduct the interest on your mortgage against your income, that’s where the rubber hits the road, you start to see those big gains.” – Keith Uthe 

“It does take diligence, and it does take the responsibility, but the tax savings are huge.” – Keith Uthe 

“The initial setup does take some guidance. But, that’s why we’re working with a Smith Maneouver Certified Professional, as a mortgage broker, as an accountant, as a financial planner, as those are important things. You want everybody that understands what the objective is, and all work together in the same sandbox to achieve the result to the client.” – Keith Uthe 

“If they’re currently trying to do something to build a retirement fund for their future, Smith maneuver is a way for them to be able to help accelerate that.” – Keith Uthe 

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