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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out how the mobile homes real estate niche has brought Kevin the biggest revenue 
  • Discover how he creates passive income through mobile home parks 
  • Learn about the potential of investing in mobile home parks and how you can start 


Kevin Bupp is a 20+ year real estate investor with more than $150 million of transactions. His specialty is mobile home parks but he has owned hundreds of other commercial and residential properties over the years. His company currently owns mobile home parks in 13 states.

In this episode, Kevin shares how the mobile home industry became his bread and butter amidst the negative connotation around this investment category. He shares how he managed to turn it into a revenue rich and very lucrative business. 

Topics Covered:

01:22 – What got him started in real estate 

03:34 – His first investment property 

05:22 – What got him investing in mobile home parks 

07:39 – The many real estate strategies he is into that are giving him passive income 

08:08 – The top benefits of mobile home park investing 

12:33 – Mistakes startup investors in mobile home park commit  

15:54 – Price tag and average size for mobile home parks  

16:50 – Financing institutions and lenders available out there 

Key Takeaways:

“Typically you’ll find that there’s a higher yield or return on the mobile home park that none of the traditional apartment complexes have.” – Kevin Bupp 

“I see a lot of new investors making mistake by if a  mobile home park has a lot of homes that it owns, then the gross revenue is typically overstayed because they’re taking into account also the rental revenue and they’re not underwriting it accordingly. And their offer number comes in much higher than what it typically should be. And so I see a lot of new investors overpaying because of that rental component on some of these parks.” – Kevin Bupp

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