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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Investing strategies that can provide passive income and at the same time allow you to leave your day job
  • Strategic steps to get you started the right way in real estate
  • Mistakes to avoid as a ‘newbie’ real estate investor



Lane Kawaoka is a civil engineer who invests passively in Real Estate from Honolulu, Hawaii. He used to be in a big private company as a construction engineer but after some saving and investing in real estate, he found happiness and balance at a lower paying job.

After Lane witnessed first-hand how his own parents got screwed with their 401K and with the stock market, it’s become his mission to get everyone out of what he believes is the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster style of investing, and into main street investments with safer, higher returns that benefit the middle class of North America.

Today on the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Lane shares his wisdom on matters relating to real estate investment and portfolio expansion. 

Topics Covered:

01:24 –  Getting started in real estate at a young age while in university

02:43 – Different strategies he is dabbling into at the moment

03:39 – On joint venturing with other real estate investors

04:30 – What would he have done early on in his real estate investment had he known everything he has known now

05:20 – How does it look like for him doing syndication deals himself and bringing investors on board

06:40 – How to position yourself in the real estate business to get the biggest advantage

08:32 – Mistakes real estate beginners  make

09:52 – His unfair advantage in the real estate industry

11:18 – With his expertise in coaching, training, and whatnot in real estate matters, where does he think beginners should start off

12:46 – What leveraged assets you need to create when starting out 

13:35 – As a newbie and completely know nothing about the whole process of doing things, how can you add value to the more experienced person

Key Takeaways:

“I think it goes to show that real estate used to be a bunch of people in white backdrops, new shirts, brown shoes, and navy pants that people don’t want that today. Especially, some of the younger folks, they want authenticity. They want to see some mistakes. I went into deals, my first passive investment I lost like 30, 40 grand cause I invested with a shyster. But lesson learned. People want to see that stuff.” – Lane Kawaoka

“ A lot of times these guys, they’ll either give up and never get started because they don’t get that extra push. Figure out what it is and give freely without any quid pro quo kind of assumption that you’re going to get something in return. Go ahead and do it and do it for multiple people. And you’ll find that a good majority of them will likely reciprocate. And then at that point, you know you have the data to know who you want to interact with in the future. Those people who reciprocate, they’re cool, you know, continue to nurture those relationships.” – Lane Kawaoka

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