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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn the strategies for finding deals as a real estate wholesaler 
  • Find out why momentum is the most important factor in succeeding at real estate 
  • Discover what sets Laura apart from so many other real estate mentors 


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Laura Alamery has been a real estate investor and mentor for almost 30 years. She has been a pioneer of several real estate investing strategies before they became mainstream, from wholesaling to raising private money. Everything she teaches has been developed from personal experience.

In today’s episode, Laura shares how she helps real estate investors streamline their real estate investing business by simplifying the process at the same time exponentially growing the financial results.

Topics Covered:

03:33 – Laura’s backstory and how she entered into the world of real estate investing before even graduating college

04:58 – Her first exposure to wholesaling: 16 multifamily units under her belt before finishing college without money

04:33  – Her bread and butter strategy: wholesaling and what it is all about

07:03 – Common mistakes investors make: Misconception that you can go there and close the deal in 1-3 weeks, make money

08:43 – Why momentum is the most important factor in succeeding at real estate

09:42 – What’s Laura’s unfair advantage as a visionary real estate mentor and investor

11:15 – Importance of networking for real estate investors, how your network to increases your real estate leads

12:11 – Implementation problem she helps solve for her real estate clients who want to start their real estate careers

15:15 – Laura’s valuable free action:: Just do it…just go out to the field! Action will produce results.

Key Takeaways:

“Wholesaling is not the easiest strategy, but it is the one that you can definitely start without much money or credit on your own.”– Laura Alamery

“Find a community. Find people you can relate to and empower you. Associate yourself with them.”– Laura Alamery

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