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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn what investment strategy has worked for him amidst every hit and miss that came along
  • Find out different strategies to raise capital
  • Find out about ideas from being an investor-focused realtor – to help in looking for good deals


Lee Strauss lives and breathes all things real estate. He purchased his first rental property in 2003 when he was 21 and has since acquired a personal portfolio, became a realtor, and has founded his own real estate investing company. He has a passion for working with and coaching, novice and experienced investors through the real estate investing world.

In this episode, Lee talks about the investment strategy that has worked effectively for him, weathering every downturn that comes with it.

Topics Covered:

01:00 – How he got his first real estate investment property

05:03 – What he did before real estate

06:57 – Where did he look for additional when he needed it

07:57 – How did he become a full-fledged real estate investor

09:08 – Why did he decide to become a realtor

13:59 – The strategy that worked best for him in the 20 years he is in real estate

Key Takeaways:

“In buying properties, I do refinancing; that seems to be the best way to go. I did get into joint ventures at some point, and I continue to do that.” – Lee Strauss

I have no issues putting in what people would say is insulting offers because if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and the majority time you don’t get that. But you can open the door, and maybe start the conversation.” – Lee Strauss

“It’s like, anything you do is going to help get your goals there, maybe one way that’s better or faster, but consistency and just doing the same thing is the big secret. There’s no magic sauce out there. There’s no manual. You can put in the time. Take the hits and keep going.”  – Lee Strauss

“I tell this to everybody, the most boring, least appealing, non-shiny object chasing strategy is, just buy a house, rent it out and just sit on and wait. Roll with the punches.”  – Lee Strauss

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