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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Get a walk through on how to turn raw land into monthly passive income
  • How to overcome the hurdles in raw land investing
  • Learn the art of engineering geeky systems that create, grow, and protect your cash flow



Mark Podolsky is the author of “Dirt Rich” and has completed over 6,000 land deals since 2001. He is also known as the Land Geek and the host of the Art of Passive Income Podcast.

In this episode,Mark shares his expertise in this interesting strategy of investing in raw land.

Dig in and find out exactly how he does it and how he manages to get returns on his money very quickly.

Topics Covered:

01:43 –  How he got started in investing in raw land

04:11 – How does he earn big time at the same time have a quick return on investment

09:02 – How long did it take him to create an efficient system at what he does

12:32 – On helping others actualize Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

13:25 – Biggest mistake people commit when buying a raw land

15:02 – What could be his unfair advantage over others

17:23 – One valuable actionable tip for everyone: “Look where other people are buying a raw land and start there.”

Key Takeaways:

“So what I would do is I would sell partial on that note. So 12 months of the cash flow to an investor, I get my money out or I make a profit, I redeploy it, but I get two bites of the apple because then that note reverts back to me after 12 months. And I’m getting that beloved passive income back into my portfolio.” – Mark Podolsky

“So I wish land investing were a little more simpler as far as like, that first step is going to be County research. So there’s 3,007 US Counties. I would say, look where other people are buying raw land and start there. That’d be worth checking out. I know it’s counterintuitive. You’d think, well, I don’t want to go where there’s any competition. There’s really no competition.” – Mark Podolsky

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