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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn how financial planning skills help you make sound real estate business decisions 
  • Find out why a financial planner’s compensation looks small in rates and yet adds up hugely 
  • Discover how you can make use of your tax-free savings account with investments other than real estate 



Meghan Chomut is a Financial Planner that works with families and investment property owners to make smart financial decisions. From debt repayment strategies to savings (how much + where), to tax planning and everything in between. She loves helping families get their finances organized, streamlined, and set up properly so they can actually SEE financial freedom (or be ready should an opportunity come up!). 

In this episode, Meghan talks about her transition from a financial planner to a real estate investor, how her financial planning skills help in her real estate business, and when it comes to financial planner’s compensation rates, she shows you how it can add up. 

Topics Covered: 

02:37 – What was her journey like – starting as a financial planner to becoming a real estate investor 

07:42 – Owning her own financial planning company 

08:50 – How do financial planners get compensated 

13:09 – Utilizing tax-free savings account as an additional investment other than a real estate portfolio 

14:21 – Her thoughts on self-directed RSP accounts, and self-directed TFSA accounts  

Key Takeaways: 

“Index investing is really big right now. So, it’s just picking the account that services you best, and for real estate investors, I do think I would lean more towards tax-free savings accounts as opposed to RSP’s because there are some strategies with using RSP should you sell your rental property and trying to reduce the taxes there. But I do see that tax-free savings accounts are really underused and that misunderstanding that literally anything can go in them.” – Megan Chomut 

“I personally use self-directed RSP, but it’s kind of on your preference and your comfort level. So maybe starting without one and then as you get more and more familiar with how it all works, moving over to one isn’t a big deal.” – Megan Chomut 

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