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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Learn about Mike’s real estate investment strategies 
  • Learn what Canadian investors need to know when investing in the US real estate 
  • Learn about what to consider when doing cross-border real estate investments 



Mike Wolf is a real estate investment strategist who has been involved in real estate for over 23 in Canada and he also started investing in the US market over 7 years ago.

He teaches people from all over the world how to make their money work harder so that they can have a real life.

In this episode, Mike shares how, as a Canadian, he invests in the USA and makes high returns and passive income from his cross-border deals. 

He also shares his insights on how to invest strategically both in the US and Canadian real estate markets and the way to invest in the US without having to deal with double taxation. 

Topics Covered: 

01:19 - How he got started in real estate 

06:38 – What is the primary investment strategy that is raking in income for him 

08:46 – Getting a look at his portfolio 

10:21 – The advantages of turnkey properties 

11:58 – How is it like for a Canadian to be investing in the US 

14:45 – Important points to consider before buying properties 

Key Takeaways: 

“I don’t deal with that myself anymore. I don’t recommend people become their own property managers like I did early on.” – Mike Wolf 

“I’ve been investing in the US now for around 15 years, and since I started that, I haven’t bought a single property in Canada. So, I think that says something and it’ll be a lot easier for me to invest in Canada all things being equal, but it’s not.” – Mike Wolf 

“I think the biggest mistake I see people making is picking a market just because it’s cheap. It’s great to find properties that are inexpensive, but you want to be ideally buying properties that are underpriced in a good market.” – Mike Wolf 

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