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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:
  • Find out how Monika and her husband struggled to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing
  • Learn how they started with real estate investing and what strategies they learned and implemented to build their wealth
  • Discover how they began their real estate investment clubs and how it has benefited them as investors



Monika Jazyk is a real estate investment specialist and wealth builder. She is passionate about helping real people build real wealth through real estate, just like she and her husband have.

In today’s episode, Monika tells us her story of grit and perseverance when she and her husband started in real estate investing with no guidance and no support. They overcame their initial challenges and have successfully built up their company, and now they also help others to build up their wealth through real estate investing as well.

Tune in and discover their journey, learn from their mistakes, and move your real estate investing business to the next level.

Topics Covered:

01:56 – Monika narrates how she and her husband started as investors who wanted to build their wealth the traditional way and be a full-time stay-at-home mom  

03:54 – How the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki shifted his mindset in finances and turn to real estate investing as a better option to achieve their financial freedom goals 

05:45 – The type of real estate investment they started with and the strategy they used 

08:31 – How she used their past challenges, mistakes, and experiences to their advantage to help other Canadians be successful as well in all strategies 

12:33 – The process and benefits of starting a real estate investment club 

18:22 – Where to connect and find out more about Monika 

Key Takeaways:

“I love this book, and I love him because he is such a game changer. Like that book has changed and transformed people’s minds. It won’t teach you how to do real estate, but it will turn that two-millimeter change in your mind.  And all of a sudden, your whole view towards finances is just totally shifted. And he gave us the idea that there’s another way to do this.” – Monika Jazyk 

 “That was the game-changer. But after that point, we didn’t have any support, so we figured out how to do it. And that led to a lot of mistakes as well because we didn’t have anyone to show us, guide us, and give support. We had to learn as we went a lot.” – Monika Jazyk 

“Even though it feels like you’re successful because you’re so transactional, everyone loves what you’re doing. You’re doing all these great deals and so much money is coming in.  It’s inevitable also to make mistakes, and the mistakes proved to be almost more costly than success.” – Monika Jazyk 

“We love what real estate represents. You think it’s the most secure investment out there. So, I do see value in all of these opportunities.  But I see success when people take the time to focus, and they look past the spokes, the mirrors, and they do it the real way.” – Monika Jazyk  

“Nothing really should stop. If you believe in something, you should go for it.” – Monika Jazyk  

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